Interior Panorama

Interior Panorama

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Have to Create Some Problems...

Vaughn Wyant once said that sometimes in business it's good to create problems.  Especially when interesting problems require creative solutions.  I think I just created a problem to deal with.  Let me explain...

A few weeks back I stumbled into a hot tip on some grain bin siding that was coming out of some office space in Saskatoon.  My first inquiry about the material didn't go anywhere, but yesterday I received a call from the building owner saying that the material was up for grabs, but I had to go pick it up today.  

So this afternoon was a salvaging mission.  Net results: 4 vintage sliding barn doors, 4 nicely weathered barn door tracks with rollers, and 3 sheets of grain bin siding complete with the door assembly.

"So what's the problem?" you ask...I needed all this material 3 weeks ago before we went and salvaged other barn doors and bought both the sliding box track and grain bin siding from the Co-Op Farm Center.

The question now is...what's a guy to do with extra barn doors and grain bin siding?  The answer is forthcoming.  As of now, I think the barn doors will be reworked to become window coverings, but, as I tell Carrie, all plans are subject to our move in date (2 weeks).

Progress Photos

Just a few photos of recent progress.  The barn is 99% complete and never would have come together without the surgical precision and craftsmanship of Byron, my father in law.  It turned out much better than I had imagined.
The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Grain Elevator last week.  Still needs a few finishing touches like a door and shingles.

The OSB flooring turned out much more golden that I had expected, which is actually better than I had thought.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First House Concert

May 11, 2008
"Curt, I'm booking our first house concert with Claire Jenkins for August 6th.  Are you sure that the Hay Loft will be ready by then?" said Carrie.
"I guarantee it" said I.
My new saying has become "no pressure no diamonds" and it certainly feels like we've had enough pressure on us lately to make a few diamonds.  We were able to meet the deadline of Aug 6th for our concert, but not without 3 weeks straight of working from 8 am to midnight and with help from my best contractors, other wise known as our dads (Byron, Peter, Rick) who helped us to cross the finish line just in time.
I'm sure the band was a bit taken back when they showed up at 5 pm to discover two plumbers, three carpenters, an electrician and myself running around like mad trying to complete the house.  At 5 Carrie asked "Curt, when are the contractors going to leave because I kind of (read: should have started yesterday) need to set up for the concert?" What patience that woman has.
I'll let the pictures tell the tale.  Special thanks goes to Dean Friesen for the sweet mixing console that he lent us, to Bob White for getting it set up, Jay and Depesh at Boom Music for the stage lights and especially to my dad for the electrical and Byron (Carrie's father) for putting in the late late nights with me leading up to the house concert.
ps. we're still not moved in yet....that's still coming.