Interior Panorama

Interior Panorama

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saskatoon Home Article

Here is a copy of the article from Saskatoon Home Magazine.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photos from Saskatoon Home Magazine

Here's a few images shot by Jimmy Oneschuk or the Saskatoon Home Magazine, Spring Issue. The magazine is hitting the streets this next week but if you can't wait, wander down to Museo Coffee at the Mendel Art Gallery or Caffe Sola on 23rd and Pacific for advance copies...and grab a latte while you're there.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Pressure, No Diamonds

"No pressure, no diamonds" is a favorite saying mine. When I'm under pressure I manage to use it as a galvanizing force to focus all of my energy into a single goal.  I think I learned that in the U of S Engineering program where I was under constant pressure for a 4 year run during my Engineering Physics Undergrad.
These days it's men with cameras in their hands that put the pressure on me.  Saskatoon Home Magazine, run by my good friend and powerchick Susan Zwarych, has decided to run a feature on the Hay Loft for their spring publication.  If there's one thing that puts me under the gun to finish the, ooohhh say, 100 uncompleted tasks in the house, it's a magazine photographer.
As such, it has been an intense couple weeks of working until 2 am on the house (sorry about the router at 12:30 last night, Carrie) to finish our master bathroom (image attached) and the fireplace in our living room.
We also stumbled into a floor model sale at local modern furniture retailer Sew and Home where we picked up a G.Romano sectional (with pull out bed, indie touring musicians across Canada celebrate in unison).  Our photographer/barista friends Jimmy Oneschuk commented "now you can add 'bought furniture specifically for a magazine shoot' to your list of 'you know you're an architectural nerd when...' " How true....